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The link "Sellers" and "Buyers" directly
No intermediary other the carrier by The_Artisanal_Farm_Europe And the disabled staff Handiscan Service

Fax : +33 957 198 681

IMPORTANT: The development of the tools for the members is being finished,
A STOCK ZERO products are used for testing
The opening to members and sales are planned before the end of the first half of 2018,

Presentation for the custommers

The manufactures and suppliers of the world pubished their products for you directly with no intermediary with the robot

You order one or more products,

When the order is paid,

Your order is transmit to the supplier immediatly,

The suppliers send your products directly to your adress

On the order, you know yours suppliers, adress, phone, mail etc.

The customer service is directly the suppliers customer service